Michael Hoffman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who provides individual, marriage, and family counseling. His individual counseling specializes in depression, anxiety, and life development changes. Marriage counseling addresses marital issues and increases intimacy in healthy relationships. Premarital counseling prepares for marriage by establishing conscious contracts and parameters. Family counseling challenges maladaptive patterns and provides communication and parenting skills for healthy functioning in families as well as between friends, business partners, and employers/employees. 


  • Letting Go of the Picture

    Creating a picture of something in your mind is essential when creating things. It helps us envision the thing we are manifesting and create an ideal to strive toward. However, there comes a time in our creation cycle that it is necessary to let go of the picture so the actual thing can come into our lives.

  • Change in Blog Format

    I am converting my blog subscription to a weekly newsletter. It will continue to feature my blog as its centerpiece. It will include a few new features in addition to the blog.

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