Michael Hoffman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who provides individual, marriage, and family counseling. His individual counseling specializes in depression, anxiety, and life development changes. Marriage counseling addresses marital issues and increases intimacy in healthy relationships. Premarital counseling prepares for marriage by establishing conscious contracts and parameters. Family counseling challenges maladaptive patterns and provides communication and parenting skills for healthy functioning in families as well as between friends, business partners, and employers/employees. 


  • Brother-Friend

    In our tradition, one of the ways we address Spirit is as “brother-friend.” This intentionally puts Spirit and us on the same level. It is my brother (or sister) and friend. If you are a part of Spirit and all of life, wouldn’t you be on the same level with it?

  • Uncomfortable with Beauty?

    In preparing for my Offering your Natural Gift Workshop next weekend, I have been working with finding support for our most essential gift- the beauty of our heart. For a culture so obsessed with physical beauty, we are not very comfortable with the true beauty of our being. Think about it.

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